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Natural brown diamonds

 Natural brown color diamond.

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- A 1.01ct Princess shape Fancy Light Brown diamond, with a delicate chokolet color. The stone is GIA graded SI1 clarity, good polish and good clarity.A stone with a great price and good face up. Sert. GIA.

- 2.03cts Oval shape Fancy Dark Orangy Brown diamond. A beautiful chocalate brown stone with a strong color saturation and a lovely undertone of orange. Good luster, I1 clarity. Sert. GIA.

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Brown diamond.

Among a set of the color diamonds, one of the most widespread are brown diamonds. The greatest number of brown brilliants found on the Australian brilliant mines. To the middle of the 1980th years brown diamonds are not treated to  fancy diamonds, generally them used in the industrial purposes. Change of the position to brown brilliants and change of all marketing strategy happened owing to opening of new mine in Australia. In this mine today is extracted one third of the world total natural diamonds and 80% of which are brown brilliants.

Shades of brown diamonds.

As well as all other colored diamonds, brown diamonds vary depending on the color intensity, of its shade, and existing impurities. Brown diamonds are found in a wide range, from delicate light brown to very beautiful dark brown diamonds. With increase in popularity of brown diamonds there was a need of their division into various groups depending on shades. For more convenient dividing various shades have received special names to help more accurately describe shades of brown diamonds and their tones.

To describe the brown diamonds were invented a variety of names, such as: chocolate, champagne, hazelnut, coffee, bronze, walnut, cinnamon, gold, honey, cognac, etc. For example, the name Cognac diamond indicates a light brown shade. Chocolate diamond denotes more intense and dark brown. It is important to note that the classification of the GIA, all these shades are brown diamonds. Brown diamonds without any additional colors much less prevalent. In most cases, the primary color mixed with additional.

 Cut brown diamonds produced in various forms: the Princess, Marquise, Asscher, Emerald, Oval, Radiant, Pear, Heart, and Pillows.

Formation of brown diamonds.

Formation of brown brilliants occurs deeply in the earth throughout millions years under the influence of very high temperatures and pressure. So various choice of shades, including Cognac and Champagne, is due to the occurrence of distortion in the crystal lattice of the brilliant and the presence of other trace elements. At interaction of these microcells with a radiation and pressure, a  various colors in diamond appear. Brilliants of brown color arise owing to presence at diamond of impurity of nickel, iron.

Brown diamond – price.

All the different shades of brown diamonds are fantasy. For fancy diamonds there is no system of assessment and price lists. The main guide line in the cost are the results of auctions at Christie's and Sotheby's. The approximate price for brown diamonds about one carat is in the range of $ 4000 per carat. Relatively low prices are caused by that brown diamonds are just beginning to get its popularity among consumers. According to recent research and surveys, brown diamonds, and especially, diamonds of cognac color and champagne color the increasing popularity among the European and American consumers.

Ring with brown diamond.

Recently, a ring with brown diamond gain the increasing popularity. Rings with chocolate diamond became especially fashionable today, almost don't concede to them a diamond of color of champagne. Champagne color diamonds are light bronze shade and sparkle much more beautifully, than a glass of the real, most expensive champagne. The brown diamond is ideally suited in everyday life, and for solemn events. Ring with a brown diamond is universally, it is possible to carry at any time or nights irrespective of a season. Putting on you will be able to emphasize the identity and natural style. Wearing a ring with a diamond of cognac color, a diamond of champagne color or color chocolate you can emphasize your personality and natural style.

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