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Natural color diamonds Chameleon

 Chameleon color diamond of natural color.

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1) 2.04ct Chameleon Fancy Deep Brownish Greenish Yellow Emerald -Chameleon diamond, with a magnificent color face up. The stone is GIA graded SI1 clarity, good polish and good symmetry. It has 49% depth, which make it look like 2.5 ct. Completely eye clean.

2) 2.08ct Fancy Dark Grey-Greenish Yellow Chameleon Pear shape, SI2 clarity. An outstanding Green diamond, Full of Color and luster. Chameleon diamond are a phenomenal due to the fact they change color when taken out from dark environment to light and when heated. Meas:9.65x 7.20x 4.32mm

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Chameleon is the name of a class of colored diamonds. Usually it is olive color diamond. Chameleon is rare type of diamond that can temporarily change its color as a result of various influences, for example, after storage in the dark or with gentle heating. Let us say, by lighting a light yellow chameleon diamond able to acquire a greenish tint. Chameleon diamonds demonstrate a range of colors from light to dark olive (phase stable color) and light or medium yellow tones (unstable stage color).

The first written documents about diamonds chameleon appeared in 1943, when the Gemological Institute of America was first registered chameleon effect. These diamonds existed earlier, but few people realize that these diamonds have the ability to change color. In the classification of the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), there are eight different classes of color saturation diamonds Chameleon: Very Light - Light - Fancy Light - Fancy - Intense - Deep - Dark – Vivid. More pure and saturated color of a diamond usually is more rare and expensive stone.

So what is a chameleon diamond?

Chameleon diamonds found in Australia in a diamond mine Argyle. These stones have a gray or bluish-gray olive color. Is little known why the diamonds chameleon changes color.  According to the theory, temporary change of color is caused by the content of hydrogen atoms and a small amount of nitrogen in brilliants a chameleon. Another theory suggests fluorescent and phosphorescent properties of these incredibly rare diamonds. Another theory suggests fluorescent and phosphorescent properties of these incredibly rare diamonds. In connection with the fluorescent effect, multiple wavelengths of light are absorbed and then re-transmitted to other wavelengths of light. Phosphorescence repeats the same type of process, but has a more sustained action. The simplest way to see such phenomenon put chameleon diamond in a cool dark place for a few days. Then move the stone in a warm place in low light conditions and closely monitored for changes in color. Such color change is called photochroism. After 24-48 hours in the dark, in a warm atmosphere chameleon color of a diamond is gradually changing from an unstable phase of yellow color back to the stable olive phase. It is infinitely repeatable process. Color change can be very small, but it is noticeable. Chameleon diamonds are also sensitive to different types of lighting and will change its color under different light sources, for example, a halogen lamp, incandescent lamp or fluorescent lamp.

Ring with hameleon color’s diamond

Chameleon diamond ring is very beautiful. Chameleon diamond refers to one of the most rare and unusual fancy diamonds. The largest of the found diamonds of Chameleon color weighed 30,00 carats.

Price of hameleon diamond

For chameleon diamonds, as well as for all other colored diamonds there is no specified assessment and certain price listings. At sale of a chameleon diamond are guided by the bargains concluded at auctions, such as Christie's and Sotheby's, etc. So, in 2001, a platinum ring with a chameleon diamond of the size a 4 carats was sold for $ 240,000 at an auction in Hong Kong.

One of the most amazing chameleon diamonds is a stunning radiant diamond of size 8.04 carats, which is classified as a "Fancy Dark graynish-green chameleon" by GIA. It is set in the ring of pink gold and pink diamonds in the environment. Due to the rarity and beauty of the Chameleon diamond a ring was sold for $ 2.1 million.

To buy a hameleon diamond.

The best way to guarantee that you buy a natural chameleon diamond is a purchase of a diamond with GIA certificate. GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is the non-profit independent organization, engaged in scientific researches in the area of diamonds and isn't it seller or the buyer. Natural chameleon diamonds and other fancy color diamonds can only be bought at the auction, or the diamond exchange.

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