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Grey natural diamonds

 Grey color – original color of diamond.

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- 1.28ct Fancy Dark Grey Oval cut diamond with an appealing color face up and eye clean SI2 clarity. Sert. GIA.

- A wonderful GIA certified 1.34Ct Fancy Grey Round Brilliant mounted in a designer halo pendant. The center diamond is beautifully complimented with 0.12Ct TW Fancy Pink Round Brilliants set in 18K Rose Gold. Sert. GIA.

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To a fairly widespread colored diamonds relate diamonds of gray colors. Gray color of diamond is similar to color of metal: aluminum, nickel or tin. Gray color as an additional color is founding in almost all kinds of color diamonds. Gray diamonds mined in all diamond-mining countries. Natural gray diamonds are the most different shades. Depending on the intensity of the color, gray diamonds can be: a light gray, a Fancy light gray, a Fancy gray, a Fancy dark gray, a grey and a Fancy Deep gray. Gray color refers to the refined neutral color. Gray color refers to a cool color, it has a calming effect. It is color of knowledge and intelligence. Gray diamond has a classic appearance. The diamond of gray color suits to any outfit.

Cut of grey brilliant.

Natural brilliants of gray color happen the most various forms. Among of the types of cutting are used such as: Princess, Oval, Radiant, Pear, round cut, marquise, heart-shaped cut. As well as unique shapes such as rhombus, shield, triangle, and Octagon.

Occurrence of gray diamonds.

Color of gray diamonds are due to the penetration of hydrogen atoms and less boron.

Price of grey diamonds.

Gray diamonds enough frequently occurring color diamonds and, therefore, relatively inexpensive. Price per carat of gray diamonds hovering around $ 6,000.

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