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- 0.26ct cut cornered Radiant shape Fancy Grey-Violet. The stone has strong White Fluorescence which is considered rather rare and unique. The color combination gives the stone an interesting appearance of Blue/Purple color. Meas:3.99x 3.43x 2.15mm. Sert. GIA.

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Natural violet diamond of pure bright color is extremely rare. Most jewelers during his work never meet pure diamonds of pure violet color. These fancy diamonds are truly exotic colors. Most of these are found in combination with pink, gray, brown and red shades. Because of its rarity violet diamonds much in demand among collectors. Violet color is one of the attractive colors. There are diamonds of deep lilac colors. Most are them small violet diamonds, less carat of size. Common names for violet diamonds there are, such as the color of orchids, plum color, the color of lilac, violet color, lavender, grape color, amethyst etc.

Occurrence of violet diamonds.

Violet color acquire through exposure to hydrogen in the crystal lattice of the stone in the process of formation of brilliant.


Price of violet diamonds.

Natural violet diamonds have very high price, higher price have only red and green diamonds. Price of a violet diamond depends on the saturation of its color and the presence or absence of additional shades. The price of violet diamonds reaches the $200 000 for carat.


Ring with violet diamond.

Rings with diamond of violet color have the same romantic effect as pink diamonds. Violet diamonds are tinged with mystery. This is a special color that combines red and blue, that means a combination of warmth, love, stability, satisfaction and interesting, unusual effects. In the myths, the blue color represents the divine manifestation, the red color represents the power, the will to win. The color of mystery and introspection intertwined with color of energy source. Rare of natural violet diamond is an excellent investment, and rings with violet diamonds are the perfect gift.

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